Sunday, November 24, 2019

Querying Infor's Datalake via Compass and ION APIs

When data has been published to Infor's Datalake from Infor or non-Infor applications we can access this data from the newly provided Compass API via ION APIs as follows:

Find the datalakeapi API & click Documentation:

The API methods exposed are:

We will use the POST / jobs API to submit our query, then GET /jobs/status to see if the query has completed and finally GET /jobs/result to get the result of the query.

This returns a query ID that we can use to obtain the status of our query and eventually get the result of the query:

Querying the status of the compass API call via GET /jobs/status:

As the status is FINISHED we can now request the result of the query by calling GET /jobs/result:

So the result of the query (select count(*) from MITBAL) against our data in Datalake is 22,624 records.

We can then leverage this capability through external tools like Powershell as described here.


  1. Is it only the Select query? is it possible to insert, update and delete a record from data lake using this API

  2. Compass allows select queries only as far as I know. Other APIs provide insert capability.

  3. How can we schedule this task? -- we have a requirement to extract the data from data lake and then need to generate the CSV file in a automated way(means we need to schedule the job to run in specific time so that it will generate CSV file for the compass query )

    1. See other post on calling the ion APIs from Powershell.