Monday, October 29, 2018

EXPORTMI now available in M3 13.4 and M3 CE for SQL-like ad-hoc access to tables

During the IMUN conference last week, Ole Rasmussen mentioned Infor's new API EXPORTMI that allows us to perform SQL-like queries over M3 tables.  While we could achieve the same functionality by building custom APIs using MDBREADMI or CRS990MI, this gives power users and consultants a quick and dirty solution to pull data out of tables on an ad-hoc basis.

Using i3 Consulting's Excel REST API tool, talking to a M3 instance in Infor's cloud, we can see this in action:

This capability is a critical requirement for single and multi-tenant customers in Infor's cloud as SQL access is typically limited in single tenant and outright banned in multi-tenant.

The functionality is described in NCR 9965.

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